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Carpet Cleaning

Carpet Cleaning Canton, OH

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Built upon the belief that innovation should be a continual process, Chem-Dry’s research and development has led the world in improvements to the carpet cleaning process in order to be able to offer the best equipment, methods and solutions that the industry has available. We are proud to provide this unparalleled approach to the Canton, OH area, a choice of cleaning that has many advantages for your carpet and for your wallet.

Carpet Cleaning Canton OH:  AA-1 Chem-Dry is drier.

As a part of our innovative carpet cleaning solution, the power of carbonation has been harnessed to ensure a deeper, longer lasting clean.  It allows us to use 80%Get a FREE estimate for your carpet cleaning less water than steam cleaning requires.  This is beneficial for a few reasons like for the environment, less chance of mold and mildew to grow in the carpet fibers and to save your time.  Instead of the 1-2 days needed by steam cleaning, carpets cleaned the Chem-Dry way will dry within just 1-2 hours this allows you to get back to your everyday life quicker.  A drier carpet means less chance for dirt and dust to stick to the moisture ensuring a cleaner service.



Carpet Cleaning Canton OH:  AA-1 Chem-Dry is cleaner.

Instead of using high pressure water nozzles that end up pushing dirt, grime and dust further down into your carpet, Chem-Dry uses the power of carbonation to remove these unwanted particles from individual carpet fibers by lifting these particles up to the surface where they can be removed quickly and effectively with our hot water extraction system. This also ensures that your carpets will stay clean for longer, you won’t need to clean it as frequently. 

Carpet Cleaning Canton OH:  AA-1 Chem-Dry is healthier.

Since we are committed to environmental stability, Chem-Dry has developed this innovative method to use only entirely natural substances in our cleaning solutions. This is not only a benefit to the environment, but to your home and family as well – you can rest assured that no harmful chemicals were used throughout the cleaning process to ensure your family, as well as your carpet, would be protected.  Just ask us to use our sanitizer on your next cleaning.  When our sanitizer is used, 98% of allergens and 89% of bacteria is removed from your home*.  Improving the indoor air quality of your home is our goal, home carpets can hold up to 8X their own weight in dirt, grime and dust.  It is recommended that carpets should be cleanded every 3 months.

Carpet Cleaning Canton OH:  AA-1 Chem-Dry Carpet Protectant

Over time the factory applied carpet stain resistant becomes less and less effective.  We offer carpet protectants that we can put down to keep your carpets clean for longer.  Stains and spills are apart of life and no matter how many precautions we take, stains always come.  We want to help you have peace of mind during and after our carpet cleaning service.  These protectants work well with a wide variety of carpet types and furniture materials.  Here is a list of the diffferent types of carpet protectants we offer:

  • PowerGuard Protectant®- This innovative carpet stain protectant provides an extra boost to your carpets stain-resisting powers to stop most stains from seeping down into the fibers.
  • Repel Protectant- Repel Protectant works by creating a protective buffer around each carpet fiber to withstand most carpet stains.  It is a liquid-repelling solution that impedes stains from setting in.  This carpet protectant gives you extra time to react to any spill so you can clean it up before it adheres to the carpet.
  • Wool Protectant-   The Wool Protectant is a water-based solution precisely formulated to back up the stain resistant qualities your wool carpets and rugs have already. It defends against most liquid spills and helps aid in quick stain removal.


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