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Services of AA-1 Chem-Dry

Featured Image AA-1 Chem-Dry is proud to be the best carpet cleaner in the Massillon area, but our commitment to helping your home become and stay healthy extends so much further. From Area and Oriental rug cleanings to Granite Countertop renewal, our other services are geared towards professionally cleaning every part of your home to give you that refreshed, clean, healthy feeling that you’ve always wanted....


7 Tips to Keep You Motivated During Spring Cleaning

Featured Image As we near the end of the Spring Cleaning season, there can be a sense of urgency that arises to complete all of the projects that you set out to do at the beginning of the year. But how do you find the motivation to do them? AA-1 Chem-Dry is here to help! We have gathered some tips to help you to start being and stay motivated as you take on that lengthy to-do list....


Our First Blog

Featured Image This is our first blog. Check back again for regular posts and tips....